Wisconsin Legislature thinking about tenants rights in foreclosures

19 Mar Wisconsin Legislature thinking about tenants rights in foreclosures

The Wisconsin General Assembly and Legislature are thinking about tenants rights in foreclosures. Wouldn’t it be nice if they introduced some legislation to protect homeowners against foreclosure too? Tell your legislators that you want them to help fight mortgage foreclosures in Wisconsin today. Tell them that you want them to help you save your house in Wisconsin now.

As of March 16, 2009 the following legislation is pending in the Wisconsin Legislature addressing the mortgage crisis:

AB 107 – Protecting tenants in mortgage foreclosure actions against residential rental property.

SB 62 and 78 – Protecting tenants in foreclosure action against tenants in residential rental property.

SB 62 – Protection against mortgage rescue fraud and regulation of mortgage consultants.

SB 62 – Regulation of mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and mortgage loan originators.

Readers of Bankruptcy Law Network in Wisconsin should contact their representatives to support these initiatives. They should also contact their representatives to urge reform of the mortgage laws in Wisconsin to make some improvements such as:

  • Relaxing the strict default requirements where homeowners fail to respond to a complaint within the proper time after they receive the summons and complaint.
  • Mandatory mediation of mortgage foreclosure complaints.

Requirements that mortgage foreclosure complaints be accompanied by statements as to the procedural and substantive rights of a homeowner to defend in Wisconsin state courts as well as the consequences the homeowner will face if he or she fails to respond to the complaint.

You can find your Wisconsin Legislators and how to contact them here.

Lakelaw defends people in Wisconsin against mortgage foreclosures.

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