Will The Same Work Ethic Be Allowed As The Economy's Debt Grows?

09 Jul Will The Same Work Ethic Be Allowed As The Economy's Debt Grows?

The current National Debt is over 9 trillion dollars. There is only so much debt an individual can take on and so it is true with a country.

I personally believe that our country is in for a long hard stretch. Although it may not be as tough as the last depression , I definitely think that many habits, attitudes and views will be changing in proportion to the increase in the cost of living.

I consistently see that many people today take too many things for granted. We have become a nation of greed and instant gratification which has fed the great credit monster and now may lead to our economic demise, albeit it may be temporary.

As more people are being laid off the greater the job pool market will be. This means that employers will have more people to choose from when hiring and this may actually encourage employers to get rid of dead weight.

So let’s pose a hypothetical situation. If you had to hire someone for your business, would you rather hire someone who: A) shows up to work on time, does their job each and every day, looks for ways to assist their employer and is grateful for the opportunity to work; or B) shows up to work with attitude of entitlement, texts on their phone all day, instant messages on Myspace or Facebook and does not have any idea that work starts at the same time everyday?

Some of you are laughing but those of you who are employers probably are not. Scenario B is the current mindset of many workers at the moment and these employees think that employers will not terminate for such “normal” behavior. My hope is that this entire country receives a wake up call. We have gone from a strong, educated and independent nation to a credit addicted, naive, self centered cog in the wheel of the credit industry.

It is time to take our country back from the clutches and control of the credit industry. It is time to gain power through knowledge to regain control of our lives. Finally, it is time to take pride in ourselves, our country and our families. I do not know about you but what I want in my wallet is NOT the blue holographic plastic. I want good old fashion all American greenbacks earned by hard work and perseverance.

If you are lucky enough to have a job at the moment, don’t take it for granted. Be strong, be prepared and forewarned so that you may survive the tough times ahead.

Written by Rachel Lynn Foley.

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