Who Has My Free Investigative Consumer Report?

23 Nov Who Has My Free Investigative Consumer Report?

Where do you get your free Investigative Consumer Report?

As mentioned in a previous article, there is no single source to obtain a copy of your investigative consumer report. The following is a list of these reporting agencies, their contact information and the type of information they gather:

ISO Insurance Services, www.iso.com, (800) 627-3487, provides insurers with information about claims you have made against your homeowner’s insurance. automobile insurance claims or insurance related lawsuits.

The Medical Information Bureau www.mib.com, (866) 692-6901, maintains records concerning individual life, health, long-term care, and disability insurance. The report includes information that you have provide when you complete an insurance application or that the insurance company has obtained from your healthcare provider indicating a medical condition that insurance company considers significant.

IntelliScript, www.rxhistories.com, (877) 211-4816, and MedPoint, www.ingenix.com, (888) 206-0335 report prescription drug purchase history to insurance companies. Prescription drug databases can go back as far as five years, detailing drugs used as well as dosage and refills.

ChoicePoint and First Advantage Safe Rent www.fadvsaferent.com, (888) 333-2413, have information on their websites about your rental history.

ChexSystems, www.consumerdebit.com/consumerinfo/us/en/chexsystems, (800) 428-9623 collects and maintains information from member financial institutions such as banks and credit unions.

Shared Check Authorization Network,http://www.creditinfocenter.com/FeaturedArticles/ChexSystems.shtml, (800) 262-7771, and TeleCheck, www.telecheck.com, (800) 835-3243 maintain a database of returned checks and instances of fraud and provide check authorization services to retailers.

LexisNexis/Accurint, www.lexisnexis.com/privacy/for-consumers/request-personal-information.aspx. (888) 332-8244, provides information including identity authentication, employment screening, fraud prevention, claims management, and debt collection.

ChoicePoint, www.choicetrust.com, (866) 312-8076, a Lexis/Nexis company, maintains insurance, employment and tenant history information on consumers, including insurance claims, employment, and tenant history.

The information you need to provide to these companies to obtain your report will vary from company to company.

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