What is the Full Cost of My Bankruptcy?

23 Apr What is the Full Cost of My Bankruptcy?

The full cost of your bankruptcy will depend on the complexity of the issues you face in your case.

A simple Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requires little more than preparation of your documents, filing the documents, and attending your 341 Meeting of Creditors.

However, if further issues occur after the filing of your case you may need to pay more to retain the services of your bankruptcy attorney to help in the matter.

It is important to clarify with your Bankruptcy Lawyer what is included in the price of your bankruptcy, what is not included, and how much extra services may cost.

In addition, some bankruptcy attorneys cannot handle all of your bankruptcy case if it becomes complex and requires litigation to protect your rights. Make sure you understand whether your bankruptcy attorney will be with you throughout your case or whether they will have to refer you to another attorney if your case becomes more complex than anticipated.

A good bankruptcy attorney will review these matters with you before you hire them and once the details and documents of your case are reviewed should be able to give you a good idea of possible complexities in your case that you may face, if any.

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