What is considered a homestead in Texas?

11 Oct What is considered a homestead in Texas?

In Texas you can have a rural homestead or an urban homestead. An urban homestead for a married couple or a single person is a homestead in a city, town or village and can consist of a lot or lots amounting to not more than 10 acres of land, together with any improvement on the land. Additionally, the land must be served by police protection, paid or volunteer fire protection, and at least three of the following services provided by a municipality or under contract to a municipality: electric, natural gas, sewer, storm sewer, and water.

A rural homestead in Texas for married persons cannot consist of more than 200 acres of land, which may be in one or more parcels, together with any improvements on the land. A single person is limited to 100 acres.

If a claimant has more than 10 acres for an urban homestead or more than 200 acres for a rural homestead, the owner may designate which of the acres comprise the homestead, so long as the acreage includes the owner’s home.

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