What Have You Done For Me?

07 Feb What Have You Done For Me?

Go bankruptcy team!

Go bankruptcy team!

In a recent case set for dismissal the question was asked: ” I filed for bankruptcy and what have you done for me?” Hmmm, this is a very good question that needs to be reviewed frequently.

Bankruptcy is not a solo sport such as swimming, track or tennis. But rather a team sport like volleyball, basketball and sometimes it may even feel like a full contact sport such as football.

There is a playbook your coach (attorney) will have depending on the team you are up against. Is it Bank of America, Ford or payday loan lenders? Your coach will use this playbook to map out each play for the members of your team.

Your team will consist of you, your attorney and the bankruptcy court. Each and every member of your team has a critical part in winning the game (which happens when you obtain a discharge). Regardless if you are playing in the Super Bowlor you seeking a discharge in your bankruptcy, you must give 100%.

If you are not serious about winning and obtaining a discharge your case will probably be dismissed. This means you have lost the game and the opposing team a.k.a. your creditors win!

So let’s revisit what I have I done for you. I have reviewed the opposing team and mapped out a winning strategy for you to win your discharge. In other words my defensive moves have kept the creditors away in the first quarter or through the first half. My offensive moves may have striped off your second mortgage or reduced the interest rate on your vehicle loan. Now you must do your part and give 100%.

You are lucky because you do not need special skills or athletic agility to give 100% to your team. Giving 100% simply means being an active participant in your bankruptcy case.

100% participation means you have obtained all paperwork requested, attended all hearings and appointments when requested and you have kept your attorney updated with changes in your financial condition.

Finally if you are in a Chapter 13, 100% participation means you have made your Plan payments on time each and every month. If you don’t pay your Chapter 13 Plan payment you will not play on this team as you will either be benched or thrown out of the game.

So the question is not “what have I done for you in this bankruptcy” but rather what have you done to remain a valuable member of this team?

Remember knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about participating on a winning bankruptcy team, the more power you will have to CRUSH the opposing team and win your discharge.

Photo credit by Rachel Lynn Foley.

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