What Do Bankruptcy Forms Look Like

11 Feb What Do Bankruptcy Forms Look Like

One of the great fears of filing for bankruptcy protections is that it is entirely unknown: The law, the forms, the consequences. What property can you keep, if any. What debts you can get rid of. What will your future bring.

Other posts address these issues. Here, Bankruptcy Forms, you get to see what a very basic set of Chapter 7 papers look like. 42 pages!!! Please note there will likely be even more forms and pages, such as local requirements or a Chapter 13 plan, for example. Note also that the “federal” exemptions (protections) suggested by these forms may not be allowed in your state, or may not be as good a choice for you as your state exemptions.

These forms are not for your use, nor is there any suggestion that they are appropriate for your situation, or that you can rely on them They are offered only to give you a hint of what the some of actual forms for your particular situation will begin to look like.

Please take a moment to think about how much the attorneys posting to this site really care about giving you information and making you comfortable. You should look for these qualities in the attorney you choose.

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