Two Sites which Offered Automated Bankruptcy Assistance Shut Down

12 Mar Two Sites which Offered Automated Bankruptcy Assistance Shut Down

According to Wired Blog, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a decision of the United States Bankruptcy Court in northern California that entrepreneur Henry Ihejirika had engaged in fraudulent, unfair, or deceptive conduct, and had engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. Mr. Ihejirika committed these violations through his “automated bankruptcy assistance” websites, and The websites attracted the attention of the Court and were ultimately shut down due to the gross number of errors in bankruptcy petitions generated by the sites.

The lesson to be learned from this saga is that, while hiring a lawyer may be significantly more expensive than using a “website” or “bankruptcy petition preparer”, the consumer may very well run into serious legal difficulties without the expertise and attention which only an experienced bankruptcy attorney can provide. In the end, the increased time and anxiety caused by serious bankruptcy petition errors, as well as the prospect of permanent damage to your bankruptcy case, make hiring an attorney a bargain by comparison.

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