Time management for the jobless

29 Dec Time management for the jobless

Keeping mentally healthy when out of work is a job itself. The more “down” you get, the poorer candidate you are for a new job. My favorite magazine, The Week, excerpted a list of activities to make good use of the gift of time. “What’s important is that you should strive at all times to be the master of your today, your tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that.”

Here’s the first five on a list of 24.

1. Start your day as early as possible.
The human brain tends to be more focused and alert earlier in the day, and more tired and distracted later on. Simply put: Always take full advantage of the finite hours of daylight.

2. Keep your learning curve perpetually greased.
Further your education any way you can. If there are courses or workshops available at nearby colleges, attend them when the subject matter interests you. Would an advanced degree in your field, or a degree in another discipline entirely, benefit your job search or, perhaps, inspire a future career? Look into the possibilities, including degree programs that can be completed entirely online.

3. Cavort with genuinely successful people.
Not rich people, necessarily. People who neatly blend the best qualities of humanity, people who are good to the core. You can learn from them.

4. Learn to cook.

5. Practice yoga.

Read the entire list and stay mentally healthy.

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