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12 Dec A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case’s Path Through The Court System

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a fairly quick process that generally lasts about four months after you file your case. Your case will be filed electronically. A few minutes after the case is filed, you will be given a hearing date. This hearing is called a 341 hearing (after section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code) or a First Meeting of Creditors. Well just call it your hearing. Your hearing will be held four to six weeks after you file your case. All of the deadlines in your case run from the hearing date. Creditors and the United State Trustee have 60 days after your hearing date to file motions to dismiss your case, object to discharge, or file non-dischargeability actions for specific debts. A non-dischargeability action is where the creditor asks the court to rule that a particular debt is non-dischargeable. Not all debts can be discharged. For example, debts incurred by fraud cannot be discharged. Once the 60 day period runs after your hearing, neither creditors nor the United States Trustee can bring complaints or motions to disallow your discharge of your debts.
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