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18 Nov What To Do When Your Landlord is Foreclosed.

As part of the sub-prime mortgage mess, renters are also losing their homes to foreclosure. The fact that a tenant has been paying rent on time every month will not preserve their right to stay in their home. As banks and other lenders begin to take title to foreclosed homes, they are seeking to evict renters in record numbers according to a recent article in the New York Times.Because the lender's mortgage lien on the property enjoys a higher status or priority than a lease, tenants can be evicted from apartments and homes even though they are current in their rent payments. The reason lenders do not want renters in a property is because of a perception that they will interfere with the resale of the home and that tenants are a maintenance headache. Even though a property might be worth less without paying tenants, the banks believe the properties can be resold much quicker.
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12 Nov Connecticut Takes Baby Step on SubPrime Mortgages

Connecticut 's Governor Rell announced the first product of her commission on the sub-prime mortgages. The commission recommended a special program for first-time homeowners with sub-prime mortgages. Under the program, low- and moderate-income consumers will receive special rates on a refinance of a sub-prime mortgage provided they are fully qualified. Foreclosure rates in the inner cities where most low and moderate income families live have increased 450% to 550% in the first half of 2007.
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