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31 Aug Are You Facing Foreclosure? Tips That Work To Stop Foreclosure.

Are you facing foreclosure? Do you want to keep your home? Are you trying to stop foreclosure? If you are one of the thousands of Americans who find themselves behind on their mortgage, there is help for many of you.

However if you follow the advice of "money experts" you may be left unprepared since time after time they leave out one important protection that homeowners have to stop foreclosure: Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy addresses a person's complete financial situation, and isn't just aimed to put a bandage on one problem. Many people are behind on their mortgage because they have other bills to pay such as credit cards and loans. Bankruptcy can help stop a foreclosure, and deal with the other debt problems that may be contributing to your financial problems.

Most of the money advisers that you see on TV or find on the internet give "tips" that depend on the voluntary co-operation of your mortgage company, but it isn't as easy to get as they may imply. The protection offered in the United States Bankruptcy Court does not depend on the agreement of the mortgage company. If you meet the requirements of the bankruptcy laws, you will get help.

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