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25 Jan Capital One's Revenues Are On A Slippery Slope Downward

Capital One reported a loss of $46 million for 2008 which has started their slide down a slippery slope. The "What's in my wallet" attitude has helped lead our current economy into a depression and nothing but moths in our collective wallets.  It is only fitting that the same debtors that Capital One has taken advantage of to line their own pockets has returned the favor by finally restructuring their spending habits, either willingly or unwillingly to cause the $46 million dollar loss.
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31 May With Humility Comes Wisdom…

With humility comes wisdom, Proverbs 11:2. You may ask what does Proverbs or this saying have to do with debt? That is a great question. The first step in learning how to handle debt that has run a muck is to recognize that there is a problem. When you recognize that you may have a problem you must be humble enough to say that you might be the cause of your debt and not the credit card companies themselves.
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