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19 Nov Inner Cities are Not to Blame for Sub-Prime Mess

A recent editorial in a Connecticut newspaper blamed the sub-prime mess on the nation's inner cities and their mayors who clamored for money to finance homes for low-income families. While it is true that lenders largely ignore the deteriorating inner cities, lending is always driven by profit, not social policies. If the two happen to mesh, then it is a happy coincidence. It's all about profit. Foreclosure rates are up exponentially in Connecticut's metropolitan areas to the tune of 450% to 500%. However, the looser lending standards were not driven by any political demands, but rather by profit. Borrowers were encouraged to buy homes they could not afford and sellers reaped the rewards of higher sales prices. Then homeowners were encouraged to borrow more money against their homes to finance a higher living standard. Local retailers reaped the rewards of higher sales of more profitable goods. This was as true in the suburbs as it was in the inner cities.
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