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27 Dec HAMP Mortgage Modifications and Bankruptcy

HAMP, the Home Affordable Modification Program which can modify a mortgage, is no way to avoid bankruptcy. It's a heart-breaker. It builds up false hopes andthendestroys them. That's my conclusion from reading the new Congressional Oversight Panel report. I haven't written on HAMP because I've questioned...

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31 Dec Obama needs April Charney to lead the fight against foreclosures

Folioweekly.comPoliticians are a lot like major league baseball managers, in that the same people tend to be recycled in the MLB and Washington, D.C. Obama’s administration contains mostly familiar names within the famed “Beltway,” and his choice for chief of Housing and Urban Development is no different. Obama has named Shaun Donovan, former NY City housing commissioner and Clinton aide, as the new director of HUD. While by all appearances, Donovan is a great pick, HUD must play an integral part of Obama’s attempt to pull the housing market out of its nosedive. Since the collapsed of residential real estate might be the largest contributor to our failed economy and since foreclosures are at the epicenter of this implosion, Donovan better be seeking the help of heavy hitters in the foreclosure prevention arena, and April Charney should be at the top of his list. More than any other lawyer in this country, Charney has single-handedly elevated the profile of foreclosure defense by calling national attention to the problem facing lower and middle-class Americans in our courtrooms. She is THE face of foreclosure defense in this country at a time when foreclosure litigation is the most critical area of the law.
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22 Nov Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Suspend Foreclosures

On Thursday Fannie Mae announced that it will suspend foreclosures scheduled to occur from November 26, 2008 through January 9, 2009. The temporary suspension of foreclosures will allow Fannie Mae to implementa loanmodification program scheduledto begin onDecember 15, 2008. Loan servicers and foreclosure attorneys for Fannie Mae...

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