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06 Mar Are We Seeing a Return to Debtors’ Prisons?

Some time ago, I posted a video on my YouTube channel posing the question “Can I Go to Jail for Not Paying Credit Card Debt?” The answer to this question is “no” - if you don’t pay your credit card bill, the lender bank can sue you for money damages, but they have not power to throw you in jail. Only the state or federal government has the power to incarcerate you for not paying debts and the type of debts that could result in jail time include unpaid such obligations as past tax debt, fines due to governmental units, past due child support and other debts owed to governments. Interestingly I get comments on this video claiming that the commentator or someone the commentator knows has been put in jail for common private debt like unpaid credit card bills and other signature loan. It turns out that there is some truth to what my video viewers are saying.
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09 Sep Are Debtor’s Prisons Primed for a Comeback?

Debt collection attorneys know that you cannot be thrown in jail if you do not pay your credit card debts. Debtor's prisons were formally abolished in the United States in 1833, and, except for cases involving past due child support or tax debts, you will not face jail time if you are unwilling or unable to pay your bills. Apparently, however, debt collectors in Minnesota may have found an exception to this general rule as debt collectors there have been successful in using imprisonment or just the threat of imprisonment as a debt collection technique.
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