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30 Jul Cash For Clunkers: Short Deal

The government announced today that it may be suspending the Cash for Clunkers program, which began officially July 1, 2009, but funds began flowing this wee (and which was discussed by my colleague, Dana Wilkinson, South Carolina bankruptcy attorney, earlier this week).   Congress appropriate $1 Billion in funds and...

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29 Jun Need Money? Flashy v. Fast

A recent article in the Summer 2009 USAA magazine (published for its members' benefit) by Lisa Holton provided sound advice on "Where To Get Money Now" -- how to manage cash shortages in today's economy.  Ms. Holton is the former Business Editor for the Chicago Sun-Times and offers wise advice to the USAA readers--to stay away from the flashy, quick fix to financial troubles  while categorizing the options into easily understandable "danger" categories:
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25 Jun Debt Control Begins With Listening to Your Conscience.

Whether you have financial or weight debt your fist step to recovery is to listen to your conscience. Easier said than done that is for sure. However, if you can train yourself to start listening to your inner voice, Jiminy Cricket, conscience or gut, you can start on the road to gaining control over your life. In this world of excess we want things now without considering the consequences of that split second decision. Now more than ever that type of thinking creates devastating results.
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