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07 Jan A Bankruptcy Attorney’s Nightmare or Vision

Imagine a Monday at the office and the phone doesn't ring, and the nightmare begins. As bankruptcy attorney, your know that the number of consumer bankruptcy filings are directly tied to what is going on in the economy. We all know that consumer bankruptcy filings have slowed down a little in the last few months. So, the question is what are you going to do about it? Take the nightmare and turn it into a vision. I'm sure there are a number of bankruptcy attorneys who are going to whine about everything under the sun. It's the government's fault. It's Obama's fault. It's only a matter of time. Well, the truth of the matter is that it is only a matter of time until they wake up and smell the coffee. You need to connect with your clients and past referral sources and then create new referral sources. There are new guys on the block every day looking to eat your lunch. Trust me, I'm one of them. I am looking for every opportunity to gain an advantage over my competitors. Why am I writing this? Because I know that my competitors will read this and they will do one or two things once or twice and then it will be over. However, letting people know what they need to be doing motivates me to be better each and every month. The good bankruptcy attorneys need to get into the game to get rid of the bad bankruptcy attorneys.
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04 Jun Another Ivory Tower Intellectual Gets Consumer Bankruptcy Wrong

improper analysisThis week's Forbes magazine contains an editorial by tax lawyer Steven J. Dunn entitled "Consumer Bankruptcies do More Harm than Good." Mr. Dunn acknowledges that he is not a bankruptcy lawyer (although he knows a few bankruptcy lawyers - including his son, who once represented a bank in a lawsuit against the president of a company who signed a personal guarantee). Mr. Dunn then proceeds to discuss his concerns with Chapter 7 (which he mislabels "consumer bankruptcy" - and he thereafter ignores Chapter 13 relief, which is, of course, another type of "consumer" bankruptcy).
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03 Nov Profit and Loss Statements for Bankruptcy

If you’re running a business, filing bankruptcy involves preparing a profit and loss statement. While this subject isn’t terribly interesting or sexy, it’s critically important to preparing accurate information for your bankruptcy lawyer. What’s a Profit & Loss Statement? Relax! This isn’t algebra or calculus. This is...

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