Stopping Debt Collection Call at Work

16 Oct Stopping Debt Collection Call at Work

The best way to stop debt collection contacts is to send a letter to the debt collector via certified mail requesting that they cease all contacts with you. The law requires that a debt collector stop all contact, whether at your work, your home, or elsewhere, once receiving such a letter.

However, sometimes one doesn’t have the chance to send a letter immediately. In Massachusetts, you have the right to make a verbal request that a debt collector or creditor not call your work. See 940 Code Mass. Regs. ยง 7.04(1)(h). This request is effective immediately, but it is only good for 10 days unless you follow up with written confirmation of the request within seven days.

Another way to stop calls at work verbally is to state that receiving calls at work is inconvenient for you and/or that your employer does not allow calls at work related to personal matters. After such a statement further calls are prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. However, this approach is susceptible to he-said-she-said type disputes.

It is always better to deal with debt collectors in writing.

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