Specialized Nationwide Credit Reporting Agencies: TeleCheck

03 Oct Specialized Nationwide Credit Reporting Agencies: TeleCheck

Most people are familiar with the “Big Three” credit reporting agencies.  Did you know that there are also specialized nationwide credit reporting agencies?  These specialized nationwide credit reporting agencies are subject to the same free disclosure requirement as the “Big Three.”  This post will discuss one of those agencies–TeleCheck.

TeleCheck is a provider of paper and electronic check services.  TeleCheck maintains that its purpose is to provide merchants expedite the processing and handling of checks and reduce fraud while providing an increased level of protection to the merchant accepting checks.  TeleCheck also claims to provide a valuable service to the consumer by making paying with a check more secure and simple.  To obtain a copy of your TeleCheck report, contact:

TeleCheck Services, inc.

5251 Westheimer

Houston, TX  77056

Ph:  1-800-TELECHECK

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