Resources for Consumers at the Pennsylvania Department of Banking

31 Oct Resources for Consumers at the Pennsylvania Department of Banking

The website of the Pennsylvania Department of Banking has several features intended to better to inform consumers for the purpose of protecting them from scams and predatory lending. The main page related to consumer protection is located here. The page contains the following links:

  1. a link to the complaint filing area, where consumers can conveniently file complaints online;
  2. a link to consumer oriented pamphlets and brochures about identity theft, payday loans, mortgage foreclosure, home buying and shopping for mortgages, mortgage esrow accounts, services provided by the Department of Banking, and mortgage lending reform;
  3. a link to Consumer Alerts which appears to be a relatively frequently updated alert page containing alerts for several advance-fee loan scams, cashier’s check scams and international lottery scams;
  4. a link to Enforcement Actions by the Department of Banking;
  5. a link to a glossary and other resources.

In addition, the site contains a page specifically for mortgage related issues. The page references a report commissioned by the Department of Banking which contained indictments of rife predatory lending and the fourth highest foreclosure rates in the country.

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