Proverbs 17:22 – Sometimes Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

10 Feb Proverbs 17:22 – Sometimes Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

If you are facing bankruptcy, there is good advice in the Bible.

Proverbs 17:22 says “A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Not only does God state that it is good to have a hearty laugh but science also verifies that a good laugh is healthy for the soul and your heart.

What does this have to do with bankruptcy?


If you are contemplating bankruptcy or you are currently in bankruptcy your stress level maybe through the roof. This is understandable. I am not trying to undermine the journey that you are going through but sometimes we must stop and find something to laugh about. If you do not, the chances are depression will set in. Bankruptcy can be a great way to get a fresh start so that you can begin to laugh again and enjoy life.

One man took the ability to create laughter and used it to survive bankruptcy. He not only survived bankruptcy but he built one of the most successful American companies of all time. Not sure who I am talking about? I am speaking of none other than Walt Disney.

Walt was forced into bankruptcy by his creditors. As a result he was forced to leave Kansas City to find work and he lost his favorite character by the name of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. You would think Oswald was not so lucky because he was evicted from his home but hold on. Walt chose to not be totally discouraged by the rough start and being forced into bankruptcy.

Walt and his wife moved to California. My version of the story is that Walt was going to use a character named Mortimer who looked like a rat. Walt’s wife influenced him to reconsider so Walt headed back to the drawing board and his first love, Oswald. So Walt shrunk Oswald’s ears and gave him a tale. The end result was Mickey Mouse.

But for the bankruptcy Mickey may never have been born. (c) Now you may be thinking that Oswald really was not very lucky but Oswald came back home to the Disney Company in 2006 and was the inspiration for Walt. The inspiration that led to a multi-billion dollar company. So you can either choose to look at bankruptcy as an ending or you can do as Proverbs says and laugh. Laugh and use bankruptcy as a fresh start that just may lead you to a path that will fulfill your dreams.

Remember that knowledge is power and the lesson is the lesson of laughter. Laughter just may be the light of hope that you need in this time of financial darkness.

Written by Kansas City Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney, Rachel Lynn Foley.

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