Professor Elizabeth Warren Explains the Mess We’re In

28 Jan Professor Elizabeth Warren Explains the Mess We’re In

If you don’t know who Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren is, you should. She’s a plain-speaking champion of the American consumer and a noted authority on bankruptcy law.

Jon Stewart recently hosted her as a guest on “The Daily Show.” In addition to being funny, this interview is highly informative. Once you know something about the history of financial regulation, you understand why we are, as one commentator said, the “United States of Amnesia.” We have a financial crisis, impose regulation so we won’t have it again, forget about the financial crisis, deregulate, and have another crisis. I hope you enjoy the video clip. To watch it, just click on “Elizabeth Warren.” And after you watch it, if you have the urge to kiss Professor Warren, well, get in line.

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Russell A. DeMott is a Charleston Bankruptcy Lawyer who helps people file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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