Oregon Declares Tax Amnesty if You Come Clean Now

25 Sep Oregon Declares Tax Amnesty if You Come Clean Now

What is Oregon Tax Amnesty and how do I get some? It is a special program to allow Oregonians and others who owe Oregon tax to come clean without financial punishment. An Oregon tax scofflaw can qualify for the amnesty program on pre-2008 tax liability by filling out an application and submitting it to the Oregon Department of Revenue between October 1, 2009, and November 19, 2009. If the tax has not been previously assessed, and an agreement is made to pay the amount due, the State of Oregon will forgive the penalties and half of the interest due.

Missing tax returns need not be filed with the amnesty application. However, all missing or amended tax returns must be filed no later than January 19, 2010. A lump sum payment is not required and the Oregon Department of Revenue will even work out a payment agreement to satisfy the balance due.

There is a downside to ignoring this amnesty offer. An additional penalty of 25% on top of all other penalties has been authorized by the state legislature for those who fail to accept this generous offer. Depending on the amount of tax owed and the other types of penalties that apply, this could be a hefty sum.

The state legislature appropriated $1,000,000 to advertise this offer. In addition, Oregon Department of Revenue has established an Oregon Amnesty Website to provide information on the amnesty program.

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