New Uniform Document Production List For Chapter 7 Cases in the Eastern District of North Carolina

03 Aug New Uniform Document Production List For Chapter 7 Cases in the Eastern District of North Carolina

The Eastern District of North Carolina has created a uniform document production list.  All debtors in chapter 7 cases are required to produce the documents that are listed below:

1)  Tax Returns including the W-2s attached to the tax returns for the most recent year along with copies of any extensions filed.

2)  Bank account statements including copies of canceled checks, debit/credit memos, check registers for the 12 months prior to your bankruptcy filing for all bank accounts maintained during that period.

3)  Evidence of all transfers of property such as bill of sale documents, titles or deeds for all property that you sold (but not counting automobile trade-ins).

4)  Copies of deeds, promissory notes and deeds of trust, judgments or other liens on real estate along with tax cards or other records showing any co-owners and the most recent statement showing your mortgage balance.

5)  Copies of any brokerage or securities accounts; stock certificates, or other investment type securities and the declaration page for each whole life insurance policy and evidence of current beneficiaries.

6)  Copies of all motor vehicle titles or a listing from the Division of Motor Vehicles; copy of the last statement that you received prior to filing; a NADA printout showing the vehicle value, title records of boats, motors, RVs and other recreational vehicles.

7)  Copies of all divorce or equitable distribution settlement papers; evidence of unusual assets; copies of business/personal property tax listings.

The above-requested documents are expected to be produced to debtor’s counsel no later than the date the petition is filed.  Counsel is required to provide these documents to the chapter 7 trustee.

Additionally, copies of these documents must be handed over to the chapter 7 trustee along with the Unform Bankruptcy Document Production Form signed by each debtor.

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