Is The Credit Crunch In A Dead Cat Bounce?

11 Mar Is The Credit Crunch In A Dead Cat Bounce?

Some believe that the March 10, 2009 rise in the stock market is just a dead cat bounce. If the rise is just a dead cat bounce than this rise is just temporary and the credit freeze may not be released. Steve Forbes warns that we should not jump to conclusions that the recession/depression is over. Although the market often recovers before the economy we may not have reached the bottom of the financial drop out due to the high risk lending or subprime lending.

Another feline reference related to financial dealings is the Celtic Tiger. Ireland was a booming economy and one of the richest countries a few years ago. The technology and economy jumped through several generations of growth in a very short time. The Irish were excited because Ireland was the place to be for the ever expanding work force. Now that Celtic Tiger has been tamed to a domestic feline due partly to the flailing American Economy, Waterford Crystal Factory has shut down. The downfall has had severe effects around the world spanning from Ireland to Dubai and every spot in between including America creating unemployment and a credit freeze.

This is just more proof that nothing you do happens in a vacuum. This is a lesson that we should learn whether we are acting in our personal life or our professional lives.


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