Bankruptcy: Don’t Gain All The Toys & Lose Your Soul

23 Aug Bankruptcy: Don’t Gain All The Toys & Lose Your Soul


Bankruptcy can help break the debt ties that bind you and free your soul.

Toby Mac’s Lose My Soul was the inspiration for my article of Don’t let your debt own you! that I wrote earlier today. The article is about gaining your quality of life back and breaking the debt ties that bind and control the very essence of your being.
After writing that article I took off to our local hardware store to purchase some supplies for an upcoming camping trip. While there I saw one of my clients. Generally, there is not a store that I can walk into where I do not run into a client and/or their family members. Often times I try and avoid my clients while in public to respect their privacy but many want to stop me and provide an update, as in the case of today’s encounter.

This encounter was similar to what I wrote about in my article so I thought I would relay yet a another success story from someone filing bankruptcy to break the debt ties that bound them. This particular client is an older gentleman who worked hard all his life and had a great paying job. He paid his bills on time and his debt to income ratio was in alignment when he went into debt.

Then the housing market fell apart and his job was defendant on new home construction. Slowly but surely his income began to dwindle and his debt load was increasing because he could not make more than the minimum payments on his debt. He stopped charging and attempted to sell things to pay off his debt but still the economy had intervened and he had to quickly find help somewhere.

The stress of attempting to make the monthly payments had began to take its toll not only on his quality of life but his health in general. It was at this point when he came to me to seek relief. I filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for him about 2 years ago now. At that time I never saw the man smile or relaxed. In fact I was quite worried about him because of the level of stress he was under.

Spring forward to August 23, 2008, while the economy is slowly headed towards a depression this client appears to be one happy camper (no pun intended). He informed me today that he loves his job and he has no more stress because he is debt free, essentially anyway. He was elated to informed me that 2 months after his discharge he was able to get rid of his vehicle and purchase a motorcycle at 7% interest and his credit score has returned to a good standing.

He said he could not thank my office enough for helping him get rid of the stress related to the debt. So when the creditors tell you that bankruptcy will ruin your life don’t be so quick to believe everything they say. If you are willing to change your spending habits bankruptcy maybe your ticket to financial freedom and regaining the quality of life that everyone deserves.

It is very true that we should not want to gain the whole material world through credit card debt and lose our soul as well as our quality of life. If you are ready to take the first step to regaining financial freedom then click here to locate a qualified bankruptcy attorney in your area today.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about budgeting, setting priorities and bankruptcy, the more power you will have to control of your financial freedom and your soul.

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