Humane Society to Help Foreclosure Pets

01 Apr Humane Society to Help Foreclosure Pets

The Humane Society of the United States [HSUS] has announced a grant program designed to help cope with the problem of “foreclosure pets.” The numbers of such pets are increasing in the current economic crisis, and it affects both the pets and their owners.

“Dealing with a financial crisis is scary enough,” said Stephanie Shain, director of outreach for Companion Animals at the Humane Society of the United States. “We hope to ease the burden in some way for families by helping their local shelter help them keep their pet home and part of the family.”

HSUS has provided guidelines for obtaining a grant to help with pets in foreclosure, and also has tips for planning for a move to pet-friendly housing, and cutting the costs of caring for pets. If you want to help, you can also make donations directly to fund grants for foreclosure pets, or you can participate in fundraisers for your local shelters to help people in your area keep their pets despite financial hardship.

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