How To Become A Former Client Of A Bankruptcy Attorney

03 May How To Become A Former Client Of A Bankruptcy Attorney

Rachel Lynn Foley, my esteemed colleague in Missouri, wrote today on “How Not To Be Selected As A Client” from her perspective as a bankruptcy attorney.   I also wrote a blog this past week on “My Bankruptcy Attorney Doesn’t Return My Phone Calls, ” explaining that sometimes attorneys prioritize the calls back to clients or wait for an answer before calling back.   Let’s face it, times are stressful, in this world of increasingly high interest rates on credit cards, fees, subprime foreclosures and bankruptcy attorneys are busier than ever.   Bankruptcy attorneys are allowed to be selective with clients and terminate clients when the working relationship disintegrates.   Why would a relationship end from the attorney’s perspective?

From my office files this past month:

1.   I will terminate the relationship if you call my office five times in a 1.5 hour period without an emergency reason.    As I explain to my clients, an emergency is when your car is being driven away from your house without you in it.   Getting a bill from a creditor is not an emergency.

2.  I will terminate the relationship if your spouse walks into my office solely for the purpose of screaming at the receptionist that SHE is the reason that all the creditors are angry at them and demands to know how to bypass the receptionist.

3.  I will terminate the relationship if you or your spouse makes jokes about making sure my staff counts “post-its” so we can charge for them.

4.  I will terminate the relationship if I have requested documents from you and you pretend that I didn’t, especially in front of the trustee.

“A lawyer’s advice is his stock in trade” said Abraham  Lincoln.   While my office appreciates and attempts to understand that financial difficulties cause stress, for those clients who do not appreciate the advice, the work, and the human beings who work in my office, I am more than willing to show them the door and return their file.

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