How to Activate a Credit Freeze

06 Jul How to Activate a Credit Freeze

Back in November, 2007, Credit Law Network blogger Eugene Melchionne posted a report on this blog about credit freezes.  Gene noted that as of November 1, 2007, residents from every state in the union could place a security freeze on their credit file, thereby offering some protection against unauthorized use of credit in the event of an identity theft or the theft or loss of credit cards.

Credit freezes (called “Security freezes” by the credit reporting agencies) go a long way to stop identity theives from using your good credit to create bogus accounts that can tie up your time for months.   Here are direct links to the security freeze sections of the major credit bureaus:

Equifax – placing a voluntary freeze on your account

Experian – requesting a security freeze

Trans Union – eligibility for a security freeze

Interestingly, the public has been slow to take advantage of credit freeze opportunities.  In October, 2007, consumer advocate Clark Howard (who hosts a popular syndicated radio show) wrote on his web site that only 50,000 people nationally have used this tool, while at the same time identity thefts number 10 million annually.

If you have had any experience using a credit freeze, or if you have been a victim of identity theft, it would be interesting to hear your story – please send us an email.

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