How Not to Act in Court? Say Judge is Few Fries Short of Happy Meal!

19 Oct How Not to Act in Court? Say Judge is Few Fries Short of Happy Meal!

If you are representing yourself and find yourself facing a court hearing, it is important to remember to show respect for the Court, even if angry, frustrated or annoyed with how the hearing is going.

Go to Court dressed respectfully (clean clothes, not necessarily a suit) with a good attitude.

Don’t be like the attorney mentioned in this article.

Apparently, the attorney felt that he was a “big-city attorney” who knew more than the judge when the judge wasquestioningthe attorney about financial dealings of the attorney’s client.

When the attorney stated that the “judge was a few fries short of a Happy Meal” in her reasoning, the judge didn’t much care for that remark and found the attorney in contempt of court, fined him, and because it was public, is now infamous for the “Happy Meal” remark (which by the way cost the attorney’s firm lots and lots of money).

Remember, respectful, not sarcastic, goes a long way.

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