How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

24 Jan How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

This is such an understandable question, and it’s a great beginning place to explore the area and your attorney.

Bankruptcy is so complicated that cost is as good a place to begin your investigation as any. It’s something you understand.

You should worry if you get an answer before you are asked anything. You’ll get one-size-fits-all service, and that might get you into a whole lot of trouble if a complication arises. Or you might be the victim of a bait-and-switch, where you pay and later learn that “Oh, you didnt’ tell me about that! You’ll have to pay lots more now.”

Your attorney should ask you lots of questions to learn about your situation before a fair fee can be set. Lots of questions.

Interview your attorney for experience and for references. I survey each client at the end of the case, and I publish those results (with the names blocked out, of course),on my website and in a book on my conference room table. Does yours?

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L. Jed Berliner practices exclusively in consumer bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, and related consumer protection litigation such as credit card defenses and suing debt collectors. He established his Springfield, MA practice in 1988. Attorney Berliner is a regular and active contributor to the Bankruptcy Law Network, the Bankruptcy Roundtable, and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, three specialized consumer bankruptcy forums on the Internet, and is an informal mentor to regional practitioners. He is recognized by his peers as an expert in consumer bankruptcy issues. He thoroughly enjoys being rated "excellent" in his client surveys.

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