Filing For Bankruptcy: How Long Do I Save My Papers?

27 Jun Filing For Bankruptcy: How Long Do I Save My Papers?

A common request in most bankruptcy lawyer’s offices are for copies of the bankruptcy papers. There are several papers that are important to keep. The first of these is the actual bankruptcy petition. This document runs anywhere from 40 to 80 pages long depending on the number of your creditors and other details. The bankruptcy petition is important so that you will know what is on file with the Bankruptcy Court. This goes for any amendments to the schedules to the petition in your case as well.

If you didn’t get copies of those papers when you filed bankruptcy, you need to get them – now. If you do file bankruptcy at some time in the future after reading this, then make sure you get a copy and keep them safe.

What else should I get from my bankruptcy case?Your Discharge! This is the order issued by the Bankruptcy Court near the end of your case, granting relief from your dischargeable debts.

You will want to save a copy of the petition and the discharge in your financial records forever. Many lawyers charge to retrieve a copy of your file and if your file is not available there, you will pay to obtain a copy directly from the Bankruptcy Court. Consider them nearly as important as your will. Why? – See Part 1, Why do I need to save my Bankruptcy Papers?

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