How Do I Find Out My Chapter 13 Balance?

07 May How Do I Find Out My Chapter 13 Balance?

So its been 2 years now and you are wondering the current status of your Chapter 13. What is your payoff? What claims have been submitted? What is the balance of each claim? How do you go about finding out this information? Many times, debtors simply contact their attorney who they assume has all the answers. Unfortunately, most attorneys lack the same information as the debtors.

Generally, most Chapter 13 Trustee send statements to Debtors every 6 months which provides the forgoing information. But 6 month statements are only accurate twice a year. Fortunately, most Chapter 13 Trustee’s also have websites that provide up to date information on the Internet. Simply contact your Chapter 13 Trustee for the website and log in information, and you can obtain instant status of your chapter 13 case at anytime, 24/7.

For information on how to obtain chapter 13 account information from the two chapter 13 trustees in the Southern District of California, please click here.

Written by Michael G. Doan

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