Home Ownership Preservation Foundation (http://www.995hope.org/)

23 Mar Home Ownership Preservation Foundation (http://www.995hope.org/)

The Home Ownership Preservation Foundation’s mission is “to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.” HOPF is a nonprofit organization that provides HUD-approved counselors to advise homeowners facing foreclosure at no cost to the homeowner. The telephone number is 1-888-995-HOPE.
Counselors are provided by companies including Auriton Solutions, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Atlanta, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of San Francisco, Novadebt, Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management, and Money Management International. The counseling can be obtained in Spanish, if needed.
When you call, you can expect an introduction to the process of counseling followed by questions regarding your major bills including your mortgage payment, mortgage lender, and mortgage loan number.
HOPF does not provide loans but can put you in contact with local nonprofit resources to assist you.

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