Has Anyone You Know Filed For Bankruptcy?

18 Mar Has Anyone You Know Filed For Bankruptcy?

I often hear the following words: “I don’t know anyone who has filed for bankruptcy!”It is easy to assume that no one you know has filed for bankruptcy. After all, if someone has filed they certainly wouldn’t make a point to tell all their friends or family members about it. Would you?Though bankruptcy isn’t something to be ashamed about, it is a legal protection given by the United States Constitution and federal law. Bankruptcy is designed to be used by people in need of help, and many hard working and honest people seek protection under these laws.

People who have filed bankruptcy are all around you. They might work with you, live in your neighborhood, or go to your church. They might be your child’s teacher, your doctor, your postman, or the nice person who bags your groceries. People who file for bankruptcy come from all walks of life and all income levels.

The bankruptcy laws are available to people who can’t pay off all their debts, or need help doing so. Bankruptcy is not for people trying to “get away with something.” It is for good people who can’t pay their obligations. I would bet that you do know someone, but you just don’t know who.

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