GM Adds Third Shift To Three Plants.

26 Sep GM Adds Third Shift To Three Plants.

A little bit of good news came from General Motors this week when they announced that a third shift will be added to three of its facilities. Fairfax, Kansas, Lansing, Michigan and Fort Wayne, Indiana will all have a graveyard shift by April 2010. In Fairfax, Kansas alone 945 jobs be added. This is good news for the Fairfax area because as of today GM does not need to recall any laid off workers from the Fairfax area. These 945 jobs are truly fresh opportunities for someone to get their foot in the door and gain stable employment.

945 opportunities to move someone from the unemployment line to gainfully employed. Possibility 945 opportunities to save a home, vehicle or marriage. 1,455 additional opportunities to do the same in Lansing and Fort Wayne. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly things change. It was just about a year now that the big 3 auto makers were getting called on the carpet because of the wasted funds. Now GM is showing the world that with fiscal responsibility and a nose to the grindstone mentality they can rebuild.

So if you are unemployed and near or willing to relocate to Lansing, Fairfax or Fort Wayne, GM just may be the answer to your prayers. I suspect these jobs will go fast so begin your preparation now. Check out the GM website for career opportunities or try the union websites. Local 31 Fairfax, KS., Local 2209 Fort Wayne, IN., and Local 602 Lansing, MI., are the three union websites where you can read about the facility and the services offered.

General Motors is not going to single handily end the recession but maybe, just maybe these new jobs might prevent several thousand personal bankruptcies by providing opportunities for some to regain financial control. Kudos to General Motors for providing jobs at a time when people need it most. As Ms. Buck said in a recent CNN article about the economy of Jefferson County, Mississippi “Take it one bite at a time.” She calls it her sandwich philosophy and how she and the community are attempting to forward in spite of hurdles that lay before them.

I believe that is very sound advice and a clear picture of how you can take an overwhelming situation and bite it down to size!

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about upcoming job opportunities the more power you will have to be prepared and one of the first in line to get a job.

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