Garnishments in Missouri (Part Three)

18 Jun Garnishments in Missouri (Part Three)

Garnishments in Missouri (Part Three)

There are certain protections in place against garnishments.  For example, Missouri protects employees from being fired because of the imposition of a garnishment, but that limitation is against the imposition of a single garnishment.  Should additional garnishments be imposed on the same employee, then garnishment would be a permissible reason to terminate employment.

There are also limitations to the amount of income that can be garnished, but those limitations will not impede the amount which can be taken for family support payments, federal taxes, state taxes, and carrying out orders from the bankruptcy court.

There are also categories of income that garnishments can not touch.  They include maintenance, child support, and social security if social security is paid through direct deposits in a separate bank account and the garnishment is not for taxes or child support.

One caveat however, under Missouri law, no category of income is exempt from garnishment if its purpose is for maintenance or child support.

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