Garnishments in Missouri (Part One)

21 Apr Garnishments in Missouri (Part One)

Missouri statutes set a general maximum amount that can be garnished from a judgment debtor’s paycheck.  Overall, Missouri’s response to garnishment parallels to some extent the limits set by federal statute under 15 U.S.C. §1673.  It’s typically the lesser of (1) 25% of post-deduction income, (2) 10% of post-deduction income if head of a family, or (3) if the debtor is paid weekly, the excess over 30 times the federal minimum wage (currently the excess over $154.50/week).    There is an adjustment if the debtor is paid according to a schedule other than weekly.  If a debtor is paid less frequently, the amount the paycheck exceeds an amount based on the formula (30) x (Federal Minimum Wage).  In the formula, x represents 2 1/6 weeks if the debtor is paid semi-monthly or 4 1/3 weeks if the debtor is paid monthly. 

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