Free Credit Report.

06 Feb Free Credit Report.

We have all heard from the Free Credit Report Band that life would be better if one just monitored their credit report.  The songs have caught on and now the band has its own fan club.

Do not be fooled by the rockin’ music and nifty lyrics.  The reality of is that your credit report is not free but rather a teaser by Experian for a 7 day free trial access to your credit reports.  However in order to start this free trial you must provide a credit card because after the 7 day free trial you will be billed $14.95 monthly for this service.

Keep in mind you can cancel this service but you must do this within 9 days of your order.  As with any other contractural service you must pay close attention to the terms and what you can do to cancel the contract that you have just entered into.

If you truly want a free credit report then go to and really get your credit report for free.  This service was established to allow you the consumer to pull a free credit report every 365 days so that you can monitor your credit.  Between and the Federal Trade Commission you can take control of your credit life and regain financial control.

I am not necessarily saying that is a bad service.  I am merely stating do not be misled by the catchy tunes into thinking that this is a free service because it is not.  On the other hand if you do not mind paying $14.95 a month to monitor your credit report and have access to your FICO score than the service might be great for you.

But before you jump on the credit card hamster wheel of monthly billing why not try the free service offered by the government through, Federal Citizen Information Center and the Federal Trade Commission.

Remember that knowledge is power and the government has given you the tools to regain control of your credit life.

Written by Kansas City Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney, Rachel Lynn Foley.

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