Fraud Alert – 25 Cent Charges on Your Credit Card Statement

15 Mar Fraud Alert – 25 Cent Charges on Your Credit Card Statement

“Its easier to steal $1 from a million people than $1,000,000 from one person.”  So says Edgar Dworsky, a former staff counsel in the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office about a new credit card scam that has been spreading throughout the country.

Here’s how it works:  fraudsters obtain credit card numbers but instead of running up hundreds or thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges, they post a charge of 21 or 25 cents from a company called Adele Services of Melville, New York (there is no such entity).

The scam works because many people are likely to overlook or ignore the fraudulent charge.  Even fewer take the time to file a formal complaint with their credit card issuer or file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Folks who are behind on payments may be even less likely to rock the boat with their credit card issuer – a perfect environment for an identity thief.

If you run the math, you will see that this type of fraud can steal a lot of money.   If you see charges in any amount from an unrecognized vendor, dispute the charge with your credit card issuer and request a new card and number.  You should also report the fraud to the FCC at and to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at

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