Foreclosure Pending On Your Home? What Is The Right Thing To Do?

12 Aug Foreclosure Pending On Your Home? What Is The Right Thing To Do?

I have been a consumer bankruptcy attorney for sometime. Folks have always had financial crises that bring them into my office to find a solution or get advice. Lately however, more and more folks are coming in as a result of a pending foreclosure.

Sometimes bankruptcy is an option, but other times, the solution may lie outside bankruptcy court. What prompts me to post this evening are the several couples who have come to see me in the last two weeks—couples who have waited until the week of foreclosure to get legal advice. Here in Oregon, we are a non-judicial foreclosure state. That means mortgage companies do not have to go to court to foreclose on a home, but they must give lots and lots of notice. Typically, there is about a six-month notice period, and yet…people wait, hoping things will get better, applying for new mortgages, getting involved in foreclosure rescue scams, attempting debt management programs.

At the point you get a notice of foreclosure, it is worth the time, the money, the embarrassment to get to an attorney’s office who specializes in mortgage issues. Sometimes there are deficiencies in the way the mortgage was closed, sometimes, the wrong notices are given—but an attorney needs time to look at the documents and carefully analyze the situation. There is nothing more frustrating to those of us who have dedicated our lives to assisting consumers than to be called at the last minute and then be unable to help. Help us help you. Call for an appointment with the closest attorney that specializes in mortgage analysis or consumer bankruptcy when you first get the notice.

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I'm a consumer protection lawyer in Oregon, working with people in Klamath; Lake; Jackson; Josephine; Curry; and Deschutes County. I speak regularly on bankruptcy and consumer protection issues nationwide.
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