Foreclosure Assistance Solutions’ Assets Frozen

30 Sep Foreclosure Assistance Solutions’ Assets Frozen

Foreclosure Assistance Solution’s assets have been frozen by order of a Texas state court, including $13 million it has on deposit with Bank of America, along with the assets of its three insiders, Herb Zerden, Adolfo Quintero, and John Woodruff. A related company J.W.W. Services is another defendant. (Click here for the Texas Attorney General’s press release.) Although the suit is limited to Texas, its Attorney General reports that homeowners nationwide are protected by the asset freeze.

I wrote about this company four months ago as one of many private “loss mitigation” companies willing to take your money and attempt, sometimes pretend, to negotiate temporary new mortgage payment terms to get you back on your feet. (Click here for previous article on Foreclosure Assistance Solutions, LLC.) I reported that this company was then under investigation by the Florida Attorney General.

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