Fear of Debt Creates Tunnel Vision.

17 Aug Fear of Debt Creates Tunnel Vision.

Fear of debt creates tunnel vision. When our debt outweighs our income it is natural to focus on how little we have. The tunnel vision of debt leads to stress and anxiety without any light at the end of the tunnel. For many of my clients this vision prevents them from finding anything good in their lives.

As an attempt to assist them I meditate on what I should say to those who are in need of hope. Bankruptcy may provide relief from the debt that drowns out their vision but without hope they cannot rebuild their financial lives and the tunnel may reappear.

This weekend I am meditating on Ephesians 2:7. Through our faith God will grant unlimited riches. This passage speaks to me on two levels. The first is faith. Faith is something you believe when you cannot feel, explain or fully comprehend the thing you believe in but you know it is true.

Faith is needed when you are at your lowest point. If you have faith in God then great, mediate on Ephesians 2:7 and you will discover that unlimited grace and riches can be yours. Regardless of your faith in a supreme being you need faith in yourself. You must believe in yourself to come out on the other side of bankruptcy with a fresh start.

If you are human then it is natural to make mistakes. However, it is those who have a strong faith in themselves that they can learn from their mistakes to proceed to next level of success.

The other part of the passage that speaks to me is the unlimited riches. Tunnel vision or thinking inside the box limits your possibilities. Everyone has ideas inside of them that may lead to unlimited riches but too often we are our own worst enemy. We ignore the ideas that stir within our soul. Instead of focusing on the riches that we already have we focus of what we do not have.

These folks focused on their faith and their riches to guide them tough times and may be inspiration for you. Angela Logan used her faith and destroyed her tunnel vision to save her home from foreclosure by selling apple cakes.

JK Rowling did not let hard financial and psychological times keep her down. Ms. Rowling let these experiences fuel her love for writing and created Harry Potter.

Whoopi Goldberg could have allowed her experience in the welfare system to keep her down but instead she allowed it to feed her faith that something better lay ahead for her. Her continued faith fuels her unlimited riches and allows her to give back to others. She gives so that they too may have faith in themselves to begin their journey of change.

Walt Disney , my inspiration, sure could have allowed tough times to keep him confined in the tunnel vision of despair. After all his creditors took his signature character at that time, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in an attempt to pay his debt. But Walt used his faith in himself and his ability to tap into his unlimited riches aka his imagination to draw his way out of tough times. But for the bankruptcy Mickey may never had been born.

Bottom line is that if you are facing tough times at the moment, now more than ever is when you must destroy the tunnel vision. You must have faith in yourself at the very least and possibly something greater than ourselves and believe that unlimited riches or grace can be yours. Bankruptcy just may be the fresh start you need to destroy that tunnel vision and put you on that path to unlimited riches.

If you are currently blinded by the tunnel vision of debt contact a local bankruptcy attorney to see if we can help you restore your faith in yourself and get a fresh start on your financial life.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge about hope and faith you have the more power you will have to explode the tunnel vision that is limiting your life.


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