Debt Collectors Step up the Fight with War Training

13 Mar Debt Collectors Step up the Fight with War Training

Brigitte YuilleIn her March 9th post, bankruptcy blogger Brigitte Yuille revealed an interesting, and possibly ominous, discovery which she made about new training being made available to debt collectors. Evidently, InsideARM is offering a one day course to debt collectors based on The Art of War by fabled 6th century BCE Chinese author Sun Tzu. InsideARM points out that The Art of War “has had a long history as the text book for everything from military actions to political scheming (with a little help from Machiavelli)”.

Frankly, it is frightening that debt collectors so readily posture themselves as “the enemy” in a “war” being fought against financially strapped consumers. Ms. Yuille appropriately points out that this is a great time for consumers to brush up on their knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, especially since one of the major tenets of The Art of War is that “all warfare is based on deception”.

Please bear in mind that many of our attorney authors handle debt collection abuse cases. You can typically get very low or even no cost representation for such cases, because the FDCPA requires the debt collection defendant who has violated the FDCPA to pay a consumer Plaintiff’s attorney fees. You may lose a few battles with abusive debt collectors — but don’t let them win the war.

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