Your credit score (defined here by Kansas City bankruptcy attorney Rachel Foley)  can effect the health care treatment you receive.

Business Week reports that some hospitals buy software that helps them determine which clients can pay through analyzing their credit score and other financial information.

One horror story in the article concerns a woman with $6,500 annual income, which would qualify her for free care under the hospital’s own standards, except they found she had $600 left on her $1,800 VISA card.

Bad enough for hospitals to know all our private health information, now they are checking our finances as well.

Another story concerns a patient who was asked to pay some of her bill with her 401(k) money.

She only had $3,000 in the entire 401(k) account.

If you want credit, they can check your credit score.

The software these hospitals are getting discloses more than your credit score, if they can dig up that you have a 401(k) account.

One of the spokespersons said his hospital’s policy was not to disclose they had looked at this information.

Great!  So if it is inaccurate information, you cannot find out!

This is one more big reason to stay on top of your credit score, make sure the information on it is correct.

Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney Kurt OKeefe‘s website has information on how to do that.

California Bankruptcy Attorney Douglas Jacobs has more on the same topic.

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