Complaints Against Debt Collectors Rise Nationwide

23 Mar Complaints Against Debt Collectors Rise Nationwide

The Federal Trade Commission has released their latest annual report on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Though overall complaints to the Federal Trade Commission were down slightly in 2007 from the year before, but the number and percentage of complaints about debt collectors are up.

In 2007 nationwide, consumer complaints about third-party debt collectors went up “in absolute terms and as a percentage of all complaints.” The FTC received 70,951 such complaints last year, compared with 69,249 the year before.

More than a third involved consumer reports that collectors demanded larger debt payments than allowed by law. Some said collectors were going after debts consumers didn’t owe or were discharged in bankruptcy.

In the next biggest category, consumers complained of being repeatedly harassed. In some cases, consumers reported obscene or abusive language. Both situations, however, were slightly down as a percentage of overall debt collection complaints.

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