Common Reasons for Mixed Credit Report Files

04 Oct Common Reasons for Mixed Credit Report Files

A mixed credit report file occurs when reported information incorrectly lands in your credit file.  Information is reported to a credit reporting agency.  The reported information goes through a matching process.  Mixed reporting happens when the credit reporting agency places another person’s information in your credit file based upon partially matching information.

Some common reasons for mixed credit report files include:

  • Confusion between generations with the same name such as Jr., Sr., etc.
  • Common names
  • If married, the social security number of the incorrect spouse is entered
  • People with similar names but different Social Security numbers
  • Matching social security numbers with different names
  • Accounts recorded under the credit applicant’s name but with the social security number of the co-applicant
  • Name variations that appear to contain transposed first and middle names
  • Spelling errors in the name
  • Transposing digits on the Social Security number

It is not easy finding these mistakes.  If you see information that does not belong to you in your credit file you should contact the credit reporting agencies immediately.

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