Foreclosure Rescue Scams

24 Apr The Reverse Mortgage. What You Need To Know!

There is a familiar expression:  "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!" I'd like to think that the individuals that came up with the concept of the reverse mortgage had good intentions.  The reality I see in my bankruptcy practice is elderly people, who are...

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06 Mar Can Bankruptcy Rescue You from a Financial Scam?

investment fraudHas anyone ever offered you $500, $1,000, $2,000 or more for you to sign your name - no strings attached? Assuming you are not a celebrity working an autograph show, cash offers like this are not likely to happen. Yet I hear stories about these “too good to be true” offers at least once or twice a year from my bankruptcy clients. And when I see this type of situation, I know that my client likely has a real mess on his hands. One of these cases from several years ago sticks out in my mind. I’m going to change the facts to protect my client’s privacy but the principle will not change. My client, Jack, worked in the billing department for a county government, and he lived in a quiet, residential neighborhood. Jack had no pressing financial issues.
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29 Dec Foreclosure Rescue Scams Deluge Homeowners

If your property goes into foreclosure, you will find your mailbox (and sometimes even your phone, e-mail, and front oor) full of offers to "help" you. You may wonder how they know to contact you. The answer is simple--they data-mine the court files or any other public record created when a foreclosure is begun. You may have some offers from legitimate housing counselors, but you may also have offers from less legitimate outfits--everything from sophisticated sales pitches to those who strictly prey on fear of losing a home, and even those who try to convince you that they operate in some official capacity with your lender or even the court.
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30 Nov Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics on Mortgage Modifications

It seems that every time you turn on the radio or television in Southwest Florida, all you hear is a new advertisement from a mortgage modification company and how many modifications are getting done and how good the banks are doing at saving homes. If you call the latest scam company, they can help you save your home because they have the knowledge and contacts to get it done. All I can say is be careful out there? If you are in the market for a mortgage modification, please seek out a consultation with a qualified attorney that will give you the facts on what is really going on out there. Thank goodness that lawyers cannot advertise that way.
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27 Nov Beware Of Mortgage Modification Scams

How many times have you heard, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"? With the push to save homes through mortgage modification, more companies are promising results that they cannot deliver.

Twice in this last week, I have had potential clients come to me looking for help with mortgage modifications. Each of them had been referred by companies that claim to assist homeowners in foreclosure to obtain a modification. Both lost their homes to foreclosure and it was too late to save anything.

The first homeowner paid $4,000.00 to retain a law firm in California to assist with working things out with their mortgage holder.

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