Family Debt Problems

02 Jun My Lender Wants Me to Reaffirm My Car Loan–What Should I Do?

So, you're in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and you want to know whether you should reaffirm your car loan. A reaffirmation agreement basically takes a secured loan, like a car loan, outside the effect of your bankruptcy discharge. As to that one debt, it's like...

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11 Apr Bank of Mom and Dad’s Finance: When to Say No to Your Children

I discuss financial problems with people everyday. I usually ask people to give me a little history--how did they get to the point of needing to discuss bankruptcy? Some of the answers wouldn't surprise you--job loss, medical bills, divorce. But it might surprise you how frequently I hear a story that involves financial help to adult children, that ultimately leads to bankruptcy. Parents struggle with saying "no" to their children almost from day one. How long do you let your baby cry in her crib before you pick her up? How long do you linger at the preschool door when your toddler is crying "don't leave, Mommy." From toys to treats to clothes and shoes, we go on trying to strike the right balance, between giving enough and spoiling them rotten.
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22 Mar Oregon Attorney Disciplined Due To FDCPA Violations

An Oregon attorney, Derrick McGavic is being disciplined for FDCPA violations as announced by theOregon Attorney General's Office this week. Derrick McGavic, a Eugene, Oregon attorney whose law firm sued consumers for credit card companies and debt collectors, agreed to submit his resignation to the Oregon State Bar. In addition, McGavic & Finney, P.C., the law firm under which McGavic practiced, is to be closed with McGavic's partner, Kristan Finney, allowed to continue to practice, but with restrictions under a stipulated agreement with the Oregon AG's office. McGavic will also pay a $70,000.00 fine.
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